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Karuzo Software Trends is a fully automatic roulette program that adapts to the roulette algorithm and adjusts to any changes during the game. When using the automatic mode, the program automatically analyzes all possible settings over the last 100 default spins. That is, you do not need to manually select settings, face situations when the effective setting for the last game session does not work in the next game, because Karuzo Software Trends does it for you.

By checking the effectiveness of each setting over the last 100 spins, you will always play with the most effective setting at the moment, the one that is currently the most trending and wins more than others and faster. We thoroughly tested the automatic setup to make sure it handles all types of roulette and all tests were successful.

The Karuzo Software Trends algorithm is to determine the trending number of number repeats over a given stretch of spins. In this way, we exclude numbers that are less likely to fall out, as well as significantly narrowing the circle to select only those numbers that should play faster than the rest.

Special safety features allow us to exclude repeated misses, as well as reduce the size of the progression due to the safe mode. This functionality allows for a confident game even for a roulette beginner. But it should be borne in mind that this program requires a balance for the game, equal to $200 if stakes of $0.10, or 2000 rubles if stakes of 1 ruble. This is the optimal balance for 3 number changes. According to statistics for 3000 spins, not found 3 misses in a row, and this balance will be effective for a long game.

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AI Automated, Manual

Play on Numbers

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7


Auto Calculated, Flexible, Profitable



Safe Mode

Automated, Manual, Wait for Win


Hot & Cold Numbers, Import & Export Spins, Repeat Numbers, Trends Sections

Stop Loss and Win


Support OS

WebView (All Browsers), Windows 7-11 (x64), Mac OS, Android, iOS

Roulette Type

Auto Live, Live Dealers, Random Number Generator

Usage Video


Karuzo Trends Management
Karuzo Software Trends Analyzer Controls Help
Automated Karuzo Trends Analysis
Requires no manual setup, fully automated and stable in use
Analytical Analysis of Karuzo Trends
Analyzing the simulation of game results to improve efficiency


Access to Software
Password:Only for Users

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