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Karuzo Software Tools is a set of 3 programs: Karuzo Software Numbers, Karuzo Software Progressor and Karuzo Software Sectors. There are no roulette analysis programs in this set, just helpers that are used with Karuzo Software 1.0 and Karuzo Software 2.0. Let’s move on to a detailed description – what each of the programs is needed for.

Karuzo Software Numbers – serves for marking already fallen out numbers, by it we determine what numbers have recently fallen out and how evenly fall out numbers on roulette. When receiving numbers in Karuzo Software 1.0 and 2.0, we can see that the numbers received in the prediction have already fallen out earlier and not to play on them.

Karuzo Software Progressor – allows you to calculate dynamic progression for any number of numbers. This is important to always stay on the plus side when you win and know how much you need to bet the next bet. This is especially useful when you are playing a dynamic number of numbers, or experimenting with the size of bets on roulette.

Karuzo Software Sectors is a special assistant for playing roulette sectors. Selecting a number in the program, we get 7 numbers, of which 1 number is the one we have selected and the other 6 are the neighbors of the roulette sector 3 to the left and 3 to the right of the selected number. This assistant allows you to extend the capabilities of Karuzo Software 1.0 and 2.0 to play live roulette for 21 numbers.

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Hot & Cold Numbers



Support OS

Windows 7-11 (x64)

Roulette Type

Auto Live, Live Dealers, Random Number Generator

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Karuzo Software Tools
Karuzo Software Analyzer Controls Help
Progression selection
Minimum, standard, optimal and profitable progression
Live roulette
An effective method of playing Live Roulette with a dealer online


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