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Karuzo Software 1.0 is an independent analyzer of the generation sequence based on the last rolled number and the specified offset for 3 numbers. The main task of the program is to adapt to the generation mechanism to determine the most probable number that can be generated by roulette. In its essence, the algorithm is related to the search of numbers that come after the main number, and the given G1, G2, G3 offsets are used to set the offset from the last number that fell out. In other words, let’s say the number 20 has fallen out – the program searches through 3 columns, which number falls out next after the number 20 and gives it out. The offset allows you to take not the next number, but let’s say 10 after the number that fell out.

This mechanism allows you to confuse roulette and eliminate the adaptation to the algorithm of the game. Also, guidelines and recommendations will stabilize the results. It should be borne in mind that Karuzo Software 1.0 is not a simple program, and it is suitable for professional players who have experience playing roulette by numbers, with the ability to calculate the progression. For this reason, beginners are recommended to use Karuzo Software 1.0 in a set with Karuzo Software Tools, which has a program for calculating the progression and marking already fallen numbers, which will better analyze roulette and lead a more confident game.

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Play on Numbers

3, 6

Support OS

Windows 7-11 (x64)

Roulette Type

Random Number Generator

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Karuzo Software 1.0 Manual
Karuzo Software Analyzer Controls Help
Rules of the game
How you should play to win regularly without losing money
Safe bets
How to reduce risks and play more efficiently with a small balance
Progression selection
Minimum, standard, optimal and profitable progression
Effective play
Principles of running an effective game with regular results
Standard settings
Karuzo Software Analyzer Controls Help
Popular settings
The most effective settings for the game
Mathematical analysis
Using dynamic settings for each analysis
Complit bets
Method of betting on numbers by completing with capturing neighbors
Playing the straight
Betting on hot straight bets with winning numbers
Live roulette
An effective method of playing Live Roulette with a dealer online


Access to Software
Password:Only for Users

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