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Karuzo Software Parallels is the next analyzer after Karuzo Software Intervals, developed based on DoubleMagnit V3 algorithm. The distinctive feature of the program is the introduction of parallel calculation function, where instead of one DoubleMagnit V3 program, 2-5 or more can be used simultaneously. Thus, the results of forecasts of parallel programs are summed up, and when using the automatic mode, about 20 000 variants of settings are searched to find the most stable setting for a long game.

The program is fully automated and before starting the game you only need to turn on the bot mode. After that you can enter numbers and play confidently, betting exactly as the program shows, and you will always stay in the plus. You do not need to change settings, experiment and try to adapt manually. There is such a possibility, but we have automated statistics by going through all possible settings and checking their results over the last 100 spins. The setting that wins more than the others and will be used to run the game.

This mechanism is adaptive to roulette, because any problems that settings face – reduce their priority. Therefore, you only play on those settings that are leading at the current moment and winning more often than the rest.

At the moment Karuzo Software Parallels allows for 3000 spins to increase your balance from 100 to 600 in 8 game sessions with standard progression. It should be borne in mind that this program requires a balance to play equal to $ 200, if stakes of 0.10 $, or 2000 rubles, if stakes of 1 ruble. This is the optimal balance, designed for 3 number changes. According to statistics for 3000 spins, no 3 misses in a row, and this balance will be effective for running a long game.

Additional information


AI Automated, Manual


Auto Calculated, Flexible, Profitable

Safe Mode

Automated, Manual, Wait for Win


Hot & Cold Numbers, Import & Export Spins, Repeat Numbers, Trends Sections

Stop Loss and Win




Support OS

WebView (All Browsers), Windows 7-11 (x64), Mac OS, Android, iOS

Roulette Type

Auto Live, Live Dealers, Random Number Generator

Play on Numbers

2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7

Video demonstration



Karuzo Parallels Manual
Karuzo Software Analyzer Controls Help
Automated Karuzo Parallels Analysis
Requires no manual setup, fully automated and stable in use
Analytical Analysis of Karuzo Parallels
Analyzing the simulation of game results to improve efficiency


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