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SpinMagnit 2.0 is an improved analyzer, which includes the functionality of the previous versions Karuzo Software 1.0 and Karuzo Software 2.0, and also has a convenient graphical interface capable of replacing Karuzo Software Numbers for marking numbers and Karuzo Software Progressor due to the built-in calculation of progression for 3 numbers. An exceptional feature of this version of the program is the presence of safe mode, which allows you to increase the stability of the analysis and the probability of falling out of the obtained numbers.

With this program will be able to understand even a beginner, and manuals will allow you to choose the most optimal setting for playing both RNG and Live Roulette. Using the safe mode allows you to reduce the number of spins before winning and thus compensate for the size of the progression. This is an important mechanism for safety and preservation of the user’s balance, which in addition allows you to significantly increase your bets getting the most likely to fall numbers.

Setting the offsets GF1, GF2, GF3 works on the same principle as in Karuzo Software 2.0. Switching the M2 mode changes the offset search not for the last 3 numbers, but only for one number as in Karuzo Software 1.0.

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Safe Mode


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Support OS

Windows 7-11 (x64)

Roulette Type

Auto Live, Live Dealers, Random Number Generator

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SpinMagnit default settings
Note on playing with standard settings. Instructions for optimal use.
SpinMagnit precision scanning
Instructions for customized, high-precision tuning to determine winning numbers.
SpinMagnit experimental mode
A guide to a new method for analyzing the M2 number sequence.
SpinMagnit Safe Mode
A safe game with minimum balance and high stakes.
SpinMagnit progression calculation
Setting up automatic progression calculation when playing different numbers.
Bonus features of SpinMagnit
Useful functions for convenient work with the program and increase the efficiency of the game.
How to choose Live Roulette
Which types of Live Roulette are better suited for playing with SpinMagnit and why.
Rules of Live Roulette
Important recommendations for stabilizing results when playing with a dealer.
Live roulette settings
The principle of selecting settings for Live roulette with live dealer
A way to effectively play two numbers with minimal risk and expense.
A method of playing without resetting after the first win, with continuation until the second win.
One of two SpinMagnit
A way to effectively play two numbers with minimal risk and expense.
Preparing to fire SpinMagnit
A way to bet high without risk using safe mode and its settings
SpinMagnit variable rates
Choosing the best time to change numbers so that you don't progress the stakes.
SpinMagnit Hot Numbers
An effective method of adapting roulette hot numbers for play using SpinMagnit.
Three Streets SpinMagnit
Playing on streets that contain green numbers obtained from SpinMagnit.
SpinMagnit Numbers and Strings
Betting on straights and numbers along with following the Martingale progression with SpinMagnit.
Double SpinMagnit in Live
A method of setting up and using two copies of SpinMagnit when playing Live Roulette.
Triple SpinMagnit in Live
Methodology for using three copies of SpinMagnit simultaneously
Effective progression in Live SpinMagnit
Optimal progression for an effective Live Roulette game


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