Manuals 2.0 + Karuzo Sectors
  • March 21, 2019
  • News

We are pleased to announce the finalization of the manuals for Karuzo Software 2.0! Detailed manuals have been written, as clear as possible for beginners. There is also a timer for the remaining time on the manuals page. Updates can be downloaded directly from the manuals page by selecting which operating system the program is downloaded for.

It is recommended to watch the official manuals, because they contain the most valuable information on using Karuzo Software programs, choosing progressions and game rules. In the user manuals you can see the settings for roulettes of different manufacturers, including live dealers and AutoRoulette.

The manuals are available on any package. In addition, a new program, Karuzo Software Sectors, a live roulette assistant, has been added to all packages. In addition, besides Lite, Standard and Pro packages, it is now possible to purchase the whole set of programs with unlimited subscription and regular updates!

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