Installation, icons, manuals

Karuzo Software installation packages have been completely updated. The software installers, icons have been changed, and a PDF book with manuals in RUS and ENG languages has been added.


Each package has a unique installer with its own features

New Installer Features:

  • New modern design
  • Unique cover for each package
  • Musical accompaniment with two main songs
  • Comparing computer specifications with the minimum required
  • Install additional libraries directly from the installer for correct operation of Karuzo Software
  • After installation on the desktop besides Karuzo Software shortcuts, there will be ENG/RUS manuals and license agreement

PS. The new installer is not scolded by antivirus and VirusTotal shows complete absence of threats, which is also a big plus.


Game chip style with different coloring

Icons are made in 3D style with different coloring for user’s convenience. The main programs are K1 and K2, i.e. Karuzo Software (first version) and Karuzo Software 2.0. The next three icons with one letter are the helpers for beginners – Sectors, Progressor and Numbers.


RUS and ENG versions of the PDF book for users

Both versions appear on your desktop after installation. The advantage of this format is that you can read manuals not only on your computer, but also on your smartphone! All you need to do is to download the PDF book to your phone and you can read the manual anywhere you want.

There are 41 pages in the book and it consists exclusively of manuals, which every Karuzo Software user can read on the guides page.

To update Karuzo Software, active customers only need to download the new version from their profile.

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