Updating of the website and user’s cabinet
  • December 8, 2019
  • News

The official Karuzo Software website has been completely redesigned and improved, both visually and functionally. In addition to a complete redesign of the site, as well as the structure of the pages, a special system has been implemented to simplify access to manuals and program updates.

The official Karuzo Software website has been completely redesigned and improved both visually and functionally.

List of all changes:

  • New modern website design;
  • Resigned page structure and easy navigation;
  • Online support for quick response to your question;
  • Semi-automatic checkout system;
  • Discount system for active users;

We will soon resume work on creating a mobile version of Karuzo Software with easy navigation and flexible functionality. We strive to make our software not only effective, but also simple and convenient even for beginners!

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