Karuzo Software 2.0 – New Version!
  • March 1, 2019
  • News

Karuzo Software 2.0 is a revolutionary update! The program has been completely redesigned and now the last 3 numbers that have fallen out are entered to increase the accuracy of the results. A 6 number game mode has also been added and the probability of winning has been doubled! The design of the program has been redesigned and improved!

We would like to thank the users of our program, because thanks to their support and help, our unique product has achieved unprecedented accuracy! A new version of Karuzo Software 2.0 as well as new user manuals have been sent to each user of our product!

In honor of the landmark update, we are increasing the package rental period from 3-7-14 days to 10-20-30 days inclusive. The price will only increase by 50%. Unlimited package with no limits will be available soon!”

We are also increasing the price of our packages.

We also have an updated link to the group: https://vk.com/karuzoplay

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