Глобальное обновление Karuzo Softwares V3
  • October 14, 2023
  • News

Dear users and visitors of our website! We are pleased to announce that we have officially completed the 3rd largest global upgrade of Karuzo Softwares. In addition to a complete site update, we have fully automated the subscription process for most payment methods. In addition, the new Karuzo Software Parallels program, which is currently one of the best roulette programs on the site.

The update also touched the previous Karuzo Software Trends and Karuzo Software Intervals programs. The algorithm of automatic tuning has been significantly improved and changed. Now all 3 programs perform analysis much faster than before, and this allowed to increase the size of the winnings by 3-4 times per 1000 spins. We will look at these changes in more detail, but first let’s understand the new interface of the site.

All roulette programs and their filtering

We have been improving our products since 2017, and in that time we have developed 13 programs, including assistants as well as beta versions. We brought each individual program to its maximum effectiveness. The key challenge was to ensure that the balance grew consistently over long playing sessions to achieve the results of a steady income when playing roulette. Each time we reached a certain peak, moving to a new level, and we are currently at the V3 level.

What does that mean? It means that we are getting closer to realizing our goal with each level, and our users confirm it. That is why we have divided the packages into separate programs, and added filtering to ensure the most accurate selection of the most effective roulette program, as well as making the price more accessible to everyone.

The cost of the programs corresponds to their functionality and automation. The very first versions, which are the cheapest, are completely manual tools for the game and they are suitable only for professionals. For players who have long been familiar with roulette and have analytical skills along with the ability to calculate progression, odds and optimal balance for the game.

For beginners, we recommend choosing programs with the “AI auto-analysis” option. There are only 3 programs in this section at the moment and they are the most powerful and automated roulette programs. After all, most of the programs you may have seen elsewhere require manual configuration. These programs have a built-in AI analyzer, which checks the effectiveness of each possible setting on a given algorithm of number selection and adjusts to the algorithm roulette. Now it is not roulette that adjusts to your algorithm, but you adjust to it automatically and no matter how roulette tries to cheat you, you will always be ahead.

Does this mean that the programs are completely win-win? No, but they do allow you to win more over the distance than you lose. You can win in 8 consecutive play sessions and lose in one. During this time you will increase the balance from 100 to 600, and one lost session will reduce the balance to 400, and you are still in the plus. This is what the statistics say, but you should not take this information dryly, because a loss can occur at the very beginning, and then there can be successful sessions.

For this reason, every user should realize that playing in a casino is risky and definitely not for poor players. If you do not have a reserve balance, and you are not ready as in poker to divide the bank of 1000$ into 5 game attempts at 200$, then you will always have problems with the stability of the game and no program will not allow you to get rich with 50$. If you have only $100, you should split it into 5 deposits of $20 and play roulette with bets of 1 cent, but not 10 cents. Only then do players with small balances have a chance to grow.

Videos on each program

You can now watch a demonstration of how each individual program works so you can decide for sure if it’s right for you. This section will be regularly updated with new videos from the channel on the use and configuration of each program from our catalog. All videos are real gameplay, showing how to act, how to customize and how to play effectively. Especially important for beginners to understand the gameplay and how to act in critical moments.
Due to the fact that the videos on the channel are released inconsistently and it is difficult for users to find videos on a particular program, we have made this division. Therefore, you can always be sure that this list contains all videos on roulette program.

Program manuals

Setup and usage guides are provided for each program. We have paid great attention to detail so that the information is easy to understand, even for the novice. Previously, manuals were bundled with many other programs, which created confusion. Now each program has its own individual manual and you don’t need to be distracted by unnecessary information. Some materials are available without subscription and you can familiarize yourself with the controls and see the versatility of our programs.
Closed manuals are available only by subscribing to the program. They describe the most effective customization options that can increase the amount of profit generated and improve overall game stability.

Where to download roulette software

After purchasing a subscription, in the download section, you can see a timer for the amount of time left to rent the software, login details for the software, and buttons to download the software for different platforms. Currently supported are Windows, Android and running in a browser that runs on any system including Mac OS, iOS, Linux and any others – this is a universal option that is only available on the last 3 programs – Trends, Intervals and Parallels. When updates are released, all users will definitely be informed to download the updated versions of the programs.

Updated version of Karuzo Software Trends

The results have been significantly stabilized due to a new algorithm that analyzes all settings in parallel. All available security features are utilized. Up to this point, the results seemed quite stable for most people as well, and this program was the fastest analyzer, but it was not able to show successful results in all sessions with automatic tuning.

Old results:

Now the results are stable across roulette on full auto with no need to change settings. The graph is stable and with the recommended balance all critical points are bypassed by default, and on the 3rd try at most always comes a win. We wrote about possible exceptions earlier and you should be ready for them. But already now the program allows you to increase the balance by $ 80-120 for 1000 spins, depending on the stability of roulette.

New results:

Updated Karuzo Software Intervals

The first version of the program with automatic AI mode required a lot of spins to get the analysis, because of which the win per 1000 spins could be $30-40. Karuzo Software Intervals has an unusual algorithm and it is not related to hot numbers or generation. It is an interval number selection and roulette regularly changes intervals, so manual tuning cannot be stable and it is difficult to determine. It is for this reason that we have implemented an automatic analysis that searches through about 2000 tuning options and selects only the leading tuning.

Old results:

At this point, the program shows tremendous stability and can win more than Trends and Parallels, as the total has increased all the way up to $900 from $100 for 3000 spins with standard progression. This seems like something incredible and it is. The results are impressive and there are no analogs in terms of speed.

New results:

Updated version of Karuzo Software Parallels

Initially, the first version of the program was famous for its reliability of predictions, because to get game numbers required about 100 spins. Because of this for 1000 spins you could get game numbers less than 10 times and accordingly the size of the winnings for 1000 spins was equal to 10-15$, which made it inefficient and inconvenient when playing. It took a lot of time and effort.

Old results:

The updated version is equipped with parallel analysis, as well as previous programs, now instead of waiting for the end of the analysis we simultaneously calculate all possible settings and play only on the leading at the moment, which have never lost. In total, the program calculates about 4000 different settings to choose the best for the current moment. As a result, for 1000 spins it was possible to win 80-120$, almost equal result with Karuzo Software Trends, but only the predictions are more regular and less frequent misses.

New results:

To summarize, we can conclude that the V3 global update turned out to be a very successful one and it is. We are not resting on our laurels and we have a lot of plans ahead of us to improve what we already have. In the not too distant future, the game will be fully automated and users will be able to do household chores and rest while the computer plays roulette for them. It will be a fully automated bot that can play any of the 3 programs described above, fully respecting the progression and mimicking the behavior of a real user.

We thank you for your attention and for continuing to choose us, because it is thanks to your support that we labor to create something that will be useful for everyone.

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