Автоматический бот и улучшение анализаторов
  • March 3, 2024
  • News

We hasten to please you dear users with a new software Karuzo Software AutoBot, which is designed to change not only the perception of the game of roulette, but also the whole course of the history of roulette! We understand you like no one else, how the game makes you feel and how important it is to achieve stable winnings and save your nerves. That’s why we have created a fully automatic bot that can be customized to play any Live and RNG roulette game.

What is this for and why is it important? When you play RNG roulette, you can play over 300-500 spins in one session in 10 minutes of play. But when you play Live roulette, to play 300 spins you will have to spend over 4 hours of time to earn exactly the same amount of money as you could win at RNG roulette. It is the time factor that puts most users off, although Live Roulette is a safer option to play when it comes to stability.

Therefore, we have created a fully automated bot that will play those 4 hours or even a whole night, 24 hours for you! At the same time, you can set a limit for the bot as to how much it has to win in order to stop. You can also use it to play RNG roulette, but it is important to realize that when you play RNG, you are playing 1 on 1 with the computer. When you play Live Roulette, on the other hand, there are thousands of other players betting on the broadcast besides you. This factor guarantees safety, while RNG in most casinos are considered slots rather than really a game of random numbers.

Why is our bot better than others?”

  • Universal operation in all types of roulette, in any casino.
  • Avoid the possibility of being kicked off the table for inactivity in Live Roulette with Anti AFK function.
  • Ability to stop the game when the target balance is reached.
  • You will stop being nervous and stressed during betting, the bot does not feel emotions and does everything automatically.
  • You will have more time to rest, and you can do other things while the bot is playing for you, even when you sleep.
  • Bot doesn’t need to be controlled.

Improvements to Karuzo Software

There are several important changes in the settings of Karuzo Software Trends, Intervals and Parallels that will allow you to use the bot even more efficiently and accelerate the achievement of the target balance. We have simplified some of the functionality and made it more user-friendly. The manuals have also been edited, so users should review them again to refresh their understanding of how to get the most out of our analyzers, as well as to understand how the new features work.

In addition to this, we have also added statistical information above the chart that will give you a better understanding of what is happening on the chart and how effective the setup you are using is, how much it wins for a given number of spins and how much it loses. You can import a text document with a list of spins from previous sessions at any time and manually analyze how effective the current setup is. At the moment we are working on improving the results of the automatic mode, but you can also find manual settings that will work even better and faster for roulette that you play personally. After all, the automatic mode is adapted for both Live and RNG, but it does not understand what kind of roulette you play, it only selects the setting that is more efficient for a given number of spins to select that setting for the game.

Our goal is to eliminate the need for manual adjustments to achieve fully automatic adaptation. At the moment the results are already impressive to many and the graph from Karuzo Software Parallels is proof of that.

User Profile

The user profile has added elements to track your own activity. You can see how many spins you played on each of the days by Karuzo Software Trends, Intervals and Parallels programs. The other programs do not have session splitting and automatic analysis, so we will continue to focus on improving these three programs.

Also, each game session is saved in your personal profile. Once the history is completely reset in the programs, a new session is started. Not all users save their game spins for later analysis and for this reason we have automated the reset of game spins, so that everyone has the opportunity to analyze both winning and losing sessions to find a setting that will win consistently.

In addition, your spins are added to the database of spins on our server and will be used to improve the automatic mode to better identify settings and stabilize results. With the help of the bot we will be able to collect game sessions of more than 2000 spins, and in RNG so even more than 8000 spins per game session and this will allow us to better determine the optimal settings, both for individual users playing on manual settings, and for automatic mode.

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