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We are excited to announce the most significant update to our site this year! Thanks to your support, we continue to move towards our common goal of providing a stable income in roulette, whether it’s primary or supplementary. And today we took a huge step forward with a global update to the Karuzo Software Parallels algorithm.

Over the last months we have been working on improving the overall stability of the system, and now we are ready to present you the innovations that will make the roulette game even more clear and understandable even for beginners. Our goal has always been to create a universal tool that will significantly increase your results and reduce financial risks, and we have achieved it!

Improved Auto Setup Methods

We have tried various methods of automatic customization and found that each has its limitations. In the first versions, many users complained about long analysis time, so we implemented quick settings detection based on available data. Now we have moved to a new level, where you can choose your own priority: game speed and average accuracy or maximum accuracy but with waiting.

Statistics and Best Settings Selection

Our new approach to the game is based on introducing a large number of spins from the roulette history, in order to weed out the settings that are not working and highlight the best ones for the current playing session. We have identified the main problem with all roulette systems and programs is playing the same setup. Each day’s game session is unique, and even a proven setup can be ineffective the next day.

Therefore, we do not limit the number of settings options, but offer parallel statistics in one convenient table. You will be able to choose the best settings for the game yourself by simply ticking them. This will ensure stable and efficient results in any European roulette game, be it RNG or Live. With our approach, you will get the most productive settings and can start playing at any moment without waiting for a favorable time.

Fast Statistics Collection from Live Roulette

We’ve solved the problem of lengthy spin input for Live roulette users. Now with Karuzo Software OCR Stats, included with Karuzo Software AutoBot, you can set the area to read numbers from history by picture and import that history into Karuzo Software Trends, Intervals and Parallels. The more spins you enter, the better customization you get.

Full Game Performance Control

For full control over the game, we have implemented a special mini stats widget and mini settings table. You will be able to enable the most effective settings and change the bet size at any time. This will allow you to play a more flexible game.

The Karuzo Software Parallels manuals have been rewritten and updated with new details on how to effectively customize and run a stable game. This approach will be carried over to Karuzo Software Trends and Intervals in the near future.

Thank you for your support! The Karuzo Software Parallels update is not just a step forward, it is a real breakthrough in the world of roulette software. We are sure you will enjoy the new features and improvements that will make your game more successful and enjoyable.

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